VitoTaxiClub visit MB Penso Vito taxi factory 29th Jan


We are visiting MB engineering partner Penso factory at Coventry next Thursday.
We will be looking at the Vito taxi being produced, and going on sale again soon with new rear steering system upgrade being fitted.

Most Vito taxi drivers we speak to tell us they drive the best vehicle ever to be produced as a London taxi. They also tell us they could never go back after driving a Merc.

Our aim as a club is to relay our members ideas, and opinions of what we require from our working vehicles directly to the manufacturers. The taxi is our office, and we desire a comfortable, practical workspace.

Alongside this we require a service network that understands our needs, and prioritises our vehicles with overnight repairs etc. The vehicle is our business, when our cab is off the road our business closes down.

We have tried for some time to encourage loan cabs at MB commercial dealerships, it has not happened yet, but we will not give up on that one. There is always room for improvement of course, but we are heading in the right direction.

MB is a company that listens.

Mike & Paul