23rd September


One80 called in the administrators on 19th Sept, and suspended shares. CityVehicles has suspended shares. KPM closed on Friday, and staff are telling owners that they are being made redundant.

This is sad news, but it has not come as a complete surprise to anyone after the many months of speculation.

For owners worrying about service and repair issues, these can be carried out at any MB commercial dealership. Euro4 out of warranty cabs R/steer problems see Nigel at A&N taxis 3 Colts lane.

Owners with KPM only warranty. There is a motor industry insurance plan which should cover an eventuality such as this, we are looking it.

Ironically we are up at MBHQ to see one of the test cabs with the comprehensively improved rear/steer components fitted and working, on Wednesday 24th Sept.
MB tell us that the engineers are pleased with the results of rigorous testing. Obviously our agenda is now extended to cover this weeks events.

LCDC have supported the VitoTaxiClub, and the Merc owners, Grant Davies will accompany us this time.
It is obviously a difficult time, but we are working with them to resolve the many dealership/manufacturer issues, and move forward. MB will be putting out a statement this week. We will update on our website, keep an eye on it.

www.vitotaxiclub.org – Mike Canty & Paul Cason