Rear steer buzzer problem reported after upgrade


Some of our members have complained of problems on electrics after upgrade caused by an electrical surge which has now been addressed, an over-sensitive component we are told.

We suggested to MB, and Penso that a few of our problem cab owners visit MBs taxi partner Penso’s taxi factory in Coventry. This is a pilot scheme which we will all assess. The first 10 cabs went up this week, two per day. Each had a tour of the factory while their cabs were being worked on. Chris Pritchard was one of the first members to go up. Here is his feedback letter to the club.


Mike & Paul

As you are aware on Monday 20/04/15 I went to the Penso factory in Coventry. Having had the latest upgrade on my vehicle at Rygor re the RWS in February and three weeks later the alarm bells on the RWS started again.

You kindly arranged for my vehicle to be seen at Penso as I was fast losing patience with MB
I was met by Mr Roy McMaster head of Penso Taxi,s. Upon arrival at Penso, my vehicle was immediately seen by the engineers who were to work on my taxi, and they also took time to explain how the RWS worked and what work was to be carried out. Roy then showed me around the impressive Penso facility and the different departments which are involved in the ongoing development of the Mercedes Taxi.

I was quite amazed at how committed Penso were to eradicate the problem with the Rear Wheel Steer and how in the last four months they seem to have come on in leaps and bounds. I have the same vested interest as we all have in getting the problem sorted. But it certainly appears that Penso genuinely are striving to improve the vito taxi RWS with Mercedes Benz.

Hopefully all the improvements will be rolled out soon to all the Vito owners.

I must admit that I was sceptical about the solution to the RWS, but Penso and MB seem to be pushing very hard for the solution, and investing a great deal of money into it.

Thank you Mike, once again for your organising the trip Chris Pritchard VitoTaxiClub Member


This has been a trial on a group of our members cabs which has proved to be a positive experience they say. Please do not ring us asking to take your own cab up.

We will let members know if, and when it will continue after we assess the experiment with MB/Penso management.

Mike & Paul