The Vito Taxi Club was invited to Penso Coventry to discuss all aspects of the Vito taxi, and for them to demonstrate their investment and commitment into the product since the collapse of one80 and KPM.

As well as Mike and Paul, attending was an independent – John Boyne, plus Mercedes London District Manager – Adam Lowe, Mercedes Head of Service Quality – Mick Glover and Penso Head of Taxi Business Development – Roy McMaster.

Throughout the day we had presentations from all different marketing, production, and development senior executives.  They explained their individual roles and inputs together with their future vision of the product which now that Penso has the IPR, they are totally focused on bringing the Vito Taxi in line with Mercedes-Benz quality.

The day began with their marketing executive explaining to us what Penso has achieved with other premium brand motor manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers.  They went on to explain what their future involvement is with Mercedes and the Taxi trade.

We were then taken on a tour of their technical analysis and development areas, their postproduction trim areas.  We were then introduced to their Taxi production manager who took us to the new production area.

We were shown how they receive vehicles from Mercedes and the full process in converting them into taxis.

Afterwards we were taken to the factory floor to be shown all the different areas of conversion from start to finish.


All our questions were answered without compromise before being taken to another technical area where they had their own Vito Taxi (V1) and Paul’s Vito where technicians were working on different areas of test on new and worked vehicles for the smooth upgrade transition and ways they are working on bringing down the upgrade times.

We were given a full tour of other development areas where we were given a full demonstration of carbon fibre technology in its raw form all the way to finished rear spoiler on a high performance super car. Carbon fibre is a lightweight product being used to improve performance, and a weight reduction material being used to reduce CO2 for TFL future requirements.

Another Senior Engineering Executive gave us a talk on the previous RWS system and was very open with his opinions and spoke how the new system was way ahead of any achievement that the previous company could ever dream about. At this point EU4 was discussed and explained why the new system wont work in it and some solutions were discussed as regards to EU4 owners, which the Vito Taxi Club will work with Mercedes to finding an ethical solution.

Our final topic of the day was with yet another development engineer who spoke to us in detail areas which could be improved and aspects of the Vito could be improved for our purposes which included steps, ventilation, as well other things which we brought to their attention.

Penso would like to personally invite other owners to their facility to demonstrate what we experienced, so anybody that is interested in going please email and he will be organising these trips.

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Roy McMaster for Penso commented “What a thorough and effective working session we had with the Vito Taxi Club! It signals the beginning of us all embracing a new and frank relationship. What we most like about working with the Vito Taxi Club is that it provides us with an open channel for all Vito Taxi drivers to express their opinions and make suggestions. This is a great opportunity for us all to improve and benefit. There’s already a strong Mercedes-Benz Commercial dealer network to provide product support. And now it’s great to see S&B Commercials have been appointed to start selling the Vito Taxi to the huge number of drivers who believe that the Vito is the best taxi in London.”