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Owners with KPM warranties and or service packs paid for by credit card  = Contact your credit card company as you may be covered under their insurance in the event of KPM going into administration.
Owners with KPM A1 Global warranty, contact KPM administrator – Nichola Coupland ( Send her all your relevant details by email.

Hi Welcome to our website.

You all know why the club was set up.  Due to the recent twists and turns, we have had to take another role.

Over the years we have represented our members about RWS, dealer issues etc but now Mercedes themselves have entered the market which is something that we all wanted from the outset.  MB have engineered the RWS.  They have personally under written EU5 RWS warranties, and are liasing with us about anything we want.

We have a full open line of communications with MB directors, aftersales management, district management, and dealer management to get every single case looked at and to find the perfect answer.  We feel that an achievement like that is something we are proud of and even the trade press make comment on this.

We go to MB Milton Keynes on a regular basis to discuss all areas of our members concerns.

When you explore our site there are press releases and club news being updated all the time, so feel free to have a browse and even send us your thoughts and ideas.

The club has its very own parts club giving access to members any genuine part at sometimes a fraction of the cost with us now having £5,000,000 of stock at our disposal at any given time and to be distributed to 2 MB sites in London.

We feel that the future is bright and we will do everything we can with our members support to make this happen.

Mike and Paul