Eu5 Vito Taxi extended warranty policy set-back


We received this message from MB today. We had asked for an Eu5 extended warranty policy since spring 2017

Disappointingly further delays have arisen due to an “across all MB products” policy coming this summer.

So further delays, meantime keep to your regular service schedules.

Copy in email from MB below.


Good morning Mike,

I’ve been keeping in touch with the necessary people at MBV about the extended warranty product for EU5 Taxi, and I understand your frustration that this has not yet been provided.

Currently we are in the process of renewing our extended warranty offering, across all our products along with our colleagues in Germany, which, unfortunately, means that we are unable to arrange any bespoke warranties at the moment and can’t put one out specifically for EU5 Taxi. We are expecting this, realistically, by Q2 this year and I will let you know once it has been fully developed.