Contract extensions for customers with Agility contracts


We are able to offer contract extensions for customers with Agility contracts expiring shortly waiting for a dealer to purchase a new vehicle from.

If they call MBFS Customer Services on 0370 847 0700  and select the IVR option for ‘If your contract is ending in the next 60 days …’ they will be put through to our ‘First Class Finish’ team who can organise the extension.

Please can you ensure your members are aware of this.

Adam Lowe
District Manager, Van – Service & Parts


Among many suggestions we made to Mercedes Benz, one was an extension to the length of time for the agility owners nearing the end of their contract.
We are pleased to announce this has been agreed by Mercedes Benz and a direct line to Mercedes Benz financial services has been made available and they will discuss with you your options.