Brentford MB. Vito Taxi Club members feedback Dec 2014


Brentford MB dealership has been charging owners for Euro 5 rear steer parts used in repairs whilst vehicles are in warranty. The reason they say is that they have to wait too long to be paid for parts themselves. The owners are reimbursed at a later date, once the dealership itself is paid. This is not MB policy. This is an MB procedural issue, and should have nothing to do with the vehicle owners.

We feel that Brentford’s method of balancing their books is unacceptable, and we have not heard of any other dealership doing this. Many of our members have contacted us to complain bitterly. Our advice to owners is if you do not wish to pay out, and then wait to be reimbursed at Brentford you should use an alternative MB dealership that sympathises with the long-suffering Vito taxi owners.

Mike & Paul