August 2013


August in the industrial midlands is known as The wakes weeks. The Newspaper industry call it The silly season. In the London cab trade it’s simply known as The August kipper. For us poor Vito owners, it is fast becoming known as the do nothing season by Mercedes season.

Last month, much was promised but very little delivered, and I mean that quite literally. Mercedes announced that the euro5 taxis were being recalled to fit the new redesigned waterproofed dogtooth system with Teflon coated parts. this is phase one of the upgrade process. There are further improvements to come, until this system is perfected. Mercedes sent out letters to every euro5 owner with a list of dealerships who will be fitting the new system, unfortunately, they forgot to send the dealerships the specialist tooling that is required to fit it. There is also some dealerships that have little or no stock of the new parts. Mercedes had asked dealerships to order their stock in advance of the Penso holidays weeks. Some did and some did not. However we are back to normal now and parts are now coming through again.

Some owners have had the recall work done already. Some are still experiencing problems even after this refit. As I said earlier, this is a system with numerous components with further stages yet to come.

Euro4 Cab Trade-in Value

As I informed you last month, little or nothing is being said about the euro4 cabs. At our original discussions with MB we suggested giving owners a compensation deal on their Euro4s into the trade up value against the Euro5 cab. In our opinion the prices they were offering were not encouraging. I personally phoned KPM for a quote and was offered a derisory figure of £14,000 for a 3 year old cab. They are going to have to do a lot better than this if they hope to persuade us to upgrade.

Apparently, Trevor Parker the new managing CEO at EcoCityVehicles has decided to offer a much more favourable trade in value to Euro4 owners wishing to trade up. If this is indeed the deal we have been pressing for, then it means most of us with Euro4s can get into the new cab without too much hardship. There is also the added advantage of saving £200 road tax, and far better fuel consumption.

Some owners report that better trade in prices are already being offered and many drivers have taken the upgrade to the Euro5.

We feel it is essential to be in warranty until the system is 100% proven, but for owners not in a position to upgrade the rear steer only warranty deal should be ready soon.

Trevor Parker is also improving the 3 year old warranty package. He wants to bring it in line with the rest of motor trade warranty’s. He is certainly improving things at KPMs. He has already increased the garage opening hours to 9pm eventually aiming at 24 hours . Keep up the good work Trevor, at this rate KPMs image is bound to improve from where it is at present, on the floor.

Security Cameras

You have probably heard the story about one of our members that discover that his cab was taken on a 80 mile drive whilst it was in the garage having repairs. Mike spoke to the garage in question who knew nothing about it. After their own investigation they couldn’t be more apologetic, disciplinary action was taken and a very nice compensation package was given to the owner along with the promise that it would never happen again. This story takes me very nicely to my next article.

The way the driver found out about the 80 mile jolly, was because of the camera fitted in his cab, it recorded the whole event. Irrefutable photographic evidence is fast becoming the norm and most insurance companies now encourage you to install one of these camera in your taxi. They record events in front of you and at the same time record what’s happening in the back of your cab. Some insurers insist on it, others will give you a discount on your premium and some will impose additional charges if you don’t have one. Purchasing one of these cameras will set you back about £320.00. One insurance company will reduce your premium by £200.00 on you renewal but they will require the unit back if you move to another insurer. Another will give you a discount on your premium and £100.00 of the purchase price if you have their insurance.

We have managed to secure the same deal for the members of our club but with no strings attached. £219.00 for a Pro – Ruby – SSL (Inferred Twin Camera) which includes fitting.

If you are interested, call: NOVUS. Tel.. 020 8515 7820. Ask for Jason or Aimee and quote Vito Taxi Club September.

Members’ Email Addresses

We still don’t have all the members email address. So if you know of a member that has not received this update, please ask them to email me on so that I can update my record or call : Mike Canty 07973 739576 or myself, Irving Lomon 07973 393614.

Stop Press

We have just received this message from Trevor Parker of KPM:

Thursday 12th September 2013 from 8am KPM will be with us at Heathrow Airport with a better offer which includes a compensation built-in deal when trading up your Euro4 to a Euro5 taxi.