The club was started in July 2012 by Mike Canty and myself, Irving Lomon, as a direct result of our own complaints about our Vito Taxis, apparently being ignored by Mercedes.

Like many other owners who tried complaining to Mercedes, we found that all complaints about Mercedes vehicles, whether it be cars, trucks, vans or taxis were automatically referred to their complaints department in Maastricht Germany and then invariably back to the dealership where their vehicle was purchased, in our case KPM.

No one listens to a lone voice, but collectively we make ourselves heard. With the backing of the hundreds of owners who joined our club, we demanded a face to face meeting with Mercedes UK to discuss our grievances and demand action. The initial meeting we had with them in their Milton Keynes HQ was frank and informative for both parties.

To our surprise, Mercedes UK had very little knowledge about the seriousness of the problems. From the outset of that meeting, we expressed that most owners/drivers loved driving the Vito and would be reluctant to go back to the old style London Taxi. Our aim was to ensure that the additional component parts required to make the vehicles TFL compliant, were of a quality matching that of Mercedes.

A working relationship was established between ourselves and Mercedes, an agreement to investigate and rectify all the design faults was initiated.

From the very outset our aim has always been directed towards negotiation rather than confrontation which seems to have paid off thus far.

Since the inception of our club we have built up an extensive knowledge of most issues relating to our vehicles and how to deal with them. We have established relationships with all the major players and dealerships that go into the building and maintenance of our vehicles.

We thank all of our members for allowing us to represent you. The old adage, “united we stand, divided we fall” is very much alive today so if you have not already joined us, we welcome you.

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