18th Nov – Press Release


Following on from our last Mercedes approved press release, we the club and most members are generally quite happy with the transition to date.

In each case that comes our way the Vito Taxi Club has the right contact avenues in place which is working well, from the London District Manager all the way across to Daimler director level.

We understand the owner frustrations regarding when the new dealership will open / when is the EU5 update coming etc., we are in contact daily with MB and they assure us that sales are commencing early next year, with new appointed taxi sales at some dealerships to be announced.

The EU5 upgrade is now going to schedule, the release will also be early next year.
MB have informed us point blank that unlike any other manufacturer or dealer they do not want to sell a product that does not fit the brand image,

so a decision was taken that no new Vito will leave without the new sophisticated MB engineered upgraded RWS, the Vito Taxi Club agree.
We are receiving from our members the feeling of resentment towards the previous dealer, but they still want the Mercedes Taxi, we have stressed this point to MB and they have taken it on board.
Most Mercedes drivers are firm advocates of the brand, knowing that they are driving the best cab on the road. We want a service to match it.

We are now acquiring from MB all the aftersales and service managers contact details from every commercial dealership so members more serious queries are dealt with swiftly.
This process was tested this week and we have to say it was brilliant!!! Please try to deal with issues through your chosen dealership first of course.

The club has had to take on a different role in the past few weeks to aid owners in what direction to take, even more fleet owners and garages have joined us recently.

Keep an eye on the website news section, for instant updates.
So on that note let us be the first to wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Mike & Paul www.vitotaxiclub.org


This Press Release was written by the Vito Taxi Club based on the information given to us at the time of the meeting. This press release has been given full permission from Mercedes Benz UK to be used publicly.