• Support for all the Vito Taxi Owners relying on their taxi cab to earn a living

  • Members can take advantage of special terms and discounts negotiated on your behalf

  • Benefit from our strength in numbers when dealing with parts and maintenance issues relating to your vehicle

Latest News:

Owners with KPM warranties and or service packs paid for by credit card  = Contact your credit card company as you may be covered under their insurance in the event of KPM going into administration.
Owners with KPM A1 Global warranty, contact KPM administrator – Nichola Coupland (NC@AABRS.com) Send her all your relevant details by email.

Welcome to the VitoTaxiClub website. We liaise with MB UK senior management & discuss any issues related to Vito taxi vehicle – service – aftersales etc on behalf of our Vito taxi leasing / owning members.

Our policy is that negotiation is always the best way forward in order to get the right results for both the owners & the manufacturer. Much has been achieved from this mutual understanding during some difficult times with Vito Taxi issues since we began in 2012.
We suggested a Coventry taxi rear steer factory upgrade on Eu5s to MB – our members participated in a trial to introduce this, after which most Eu 5s have now been successfully factory upgraded.

We attend regular meetings at MBHQ. We have an open line of communication with MB senior management & in our long experience have found them to be fair & ready to listen to what the customers have to say.

We keep our members running costs down where possible with parts discounts.
VTC members have their own genuine parts discounts club ( with some parts at a fraction of the cost ) with £5,000,000 of stock at our disposal, distributed at two MB sites in London. We advise our members to use only genuine MB parts.

Join us on-line by filling in form on membership page.

We do not send out renewal reminders – expiry date is on the back of your VTC members discount card. Please ensure that you renew membership by expiry date.
We have kept members subs down to just £30 per year.

Please download the VTC website onto your homepage & keep an eye on our news updates. Mike & Paul